Call for Nominees to Lafitte Greenway Steering Advisory Committee

The Lafitte Greenway Steering Advisory Committee (LGSAC) was established by the City Council in 2007 as a community advisory body charged with “making recommendations and status reports to the Council concerning the planning, design and implementation of the Lafitte Greenway.”

The Steering Advisory Committee is composed of nine members, appointed as follows:
– Office of Mayor: one appointee
– Councilmembers at Large: one appointee each
– Council Districts A, B and C: one appointee each
– Friends of Lafitte Corridor: three appointees

The term of appointment is for one year. Appointees must fill out and submit a standard questionnaire that documents the absence of any conflict of interest, and familiarity with the City Code of Ethics. Appointments are reviewed by the Council Government Affairs Committee and approved by vote of the Council. The Committee is charged with meeting at least quarterly. Meetings will be held during normal business hours-traditionally at 9am on the second Friday of the month, and follow standards for public meetings. Sojourner Truth Neighborhood Center has offered a venue for LGSAC meetings in the recent past. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their names, a statement of interest, and brief biographical sketch to Friends of Lafitte Corridor at

One Comment on “Call for Nominees to Lafitte Greenway Steering Advisory Committee

  1. So what’s going on with this? All the older articles I’ve read say construction is set to begin early 2013.

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