Vision Plan

Vision Plan

Note: Technically this should be referred to as a “visioning plan” as it was never intended to have the detail one might expect in a “master plan.” But whatever you call it, we invite you to download it and read it to get a broad overview of the possibilities of the greenway project. Specific details will have to wait until the planning and design process begins.

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The Friends of Lafitte Corridor (FOLC) is a citizen-based advocacy group dedicated to preserving the open space of the Lafitte Corridor for use as a greenway. Since June, 2006, FOLC has been reaching out to neighborhood organizations, non-profit organizations, and Corridor-area stakeholders to gather input and to develop a vision for the creation of a public greenway on the Lafitte Corridor. This effort has received invaluable support and guidance from nonprofit organizations, university programs and public agencies including:

  • Bikes Belong, Boulder CO
  • Rails to Trails Conservancy, Washington DC
  • Urban Conservancy of New Orleans
  • Steps to a Healthier LA/ Louisiana Public Health Institute, New Orleans
  • Regional Planning Commission of Louisiana, New Orleans
  • City of New Orleans City Planning Commission
  • Department of Architecture, Urban Planning & Design; University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • School of Architecture, Tulane University, New Orleans
  • National Park Service; Rivers, Trails Conservation Assistance Program, Washington DC

The development and publication of this plan was developed by Friends of Lafitte Corridor (FOLC) and Brown+Danos landdesign, inc., of Baton Rouge in part through pro bono services provided by Brown+Danos landdesign, inc., under a cooperative assistance General Agreement between National Park Service and the American Society of Landscape Architects. Funding for development of this plan was made possible by a grant from Bikes Belong. The following individuals and organizations have made major contributions to the research base and conceptual framework for this plan:

  • Dana Nunez Brown, ASLA, Brown+Danos landdesign, inc., Baton Rouge
  • Lake Douglas, PhD., ASLA, Associate Professor, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; board member, Friends of Lafitte Corridor
  • Billy Fields, PhD., former Director of Research, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Washington, DC; now at the Department of Planning and Urban Studies, University of New Orleans
  • Karen Parsons, senior transportation planner, Regional Planning Commission, New Orleans
  • Tanner Robinson, ASLA (Associate), Brown+Danos landdesign, inc., Baton Rouge. The initial research for the Lafitte Corridor project, completed by Mr. Robinson while an undergraduate at LSU’s School of
  • Landscape Architecture, was given a national student award for Analysis and Planning by the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2006.
  • Jennifer E. Ruley, P.E., Urban Planning Specialist, Steps to a Healthier Louisiana, New Orleans
  • Daniel R. Samuels, Architect, President, Friends of Lafitte Corridor, New Orleans
  • Jacob Wagner, PhD., Assistant Professor in Architecture, Urban Planning & Design, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Friends of Lafitte Corridor Board Officers and Directors-at-Large

  • President: Daniel Samuels, Architect, New Orleans
  • Chair: Bart Everson, Multi-media Artist, Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Xavier University, New Orleans
  • Vice President: Larry Lagarde, Webmaster,, New Orleans
  • Secretary: Erin Baker, Assistant Director, Prevention Research Center, Tulane University, New Orleans
  • Treasurer: Linda Landesberg, Strategic Planner and Project Management Consultant for the leisure travel industry, New Orleans
  • Edgar Chase, PhD: Vice President for Facilities, Dillard University, New Orleans
  • Lake Douglas, PhD: Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
  • Leonetta Terrell: Social Worker and Member of St. Peter Claver Church’s Health Cabinet, New Orleans
  • Janet Ward Pease: Web and Software designer, Mid City resident, FOLC webmaster

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The printing of the Lafitte Greenway Master Plan document was made possible in part by a discount provided to FOLC by Letterman’s Blue Print & Supply Company, a locally-owned reprographics company on Canal Street. The official Master Plan document is on file at their office; interested parties may contact them directly by phone or email to order printed copies in full color at $42.90 each.

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